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Gujarati menu for Modi in UK

Prime Minister Modi is in UK for a 4 day official meeting. It is with the Commonwealth Heads of Government in London. Modi chose to have his ghar ka khana even if he is in London.

He will be eating the regular Gujrati menu like he has it in Delhi on daily basis. It’s just like Dal, roti,rice and papad.

Gujarati Chefs were arranged to specially cook for Modi the Prime Minister of India.

The lunch will be prepared under the guidance of Chef Shenoy Karmani.

The menu will be high on the specific Gujarat-based delicacies including khaman dhokla, khandvi, dal, dal pakora, turai masala, stuffed karela, paneer bhurji, and khichdi.

Gujarati menu for Modi in UK

The breakfast menu will comprise of Chai and coffee, poha, upma, puri, bhaji and seera.

Even in USA and other countries Modi did not try any other dishes and had the Indian food. Sometimes chefs were flown in from India for the sake of the PM and his food arrangements.

But when Modi was in Singapore, the PM there took him to an Indian restaurant for dinner. No special arrangements were made. When it is Navaratri Modi just survived on Nimbu pani in USA. Modi eats very small quantities of food and not very particular about any dish. He is accustomed to the Gujarati style.



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