Gowda says Congress will get Dep CM

Kumara Swamy Gowda the would be CM of Karnataka who would take over on Wednesday said that the CM post will be with the JDS and there is no question of rotation. The Congress will get the Deputy CM post and they will work with a common minimum program. But the BJP is of the opinion that the marriage between JDS and the Congress may not last long.

The JDS chief who will be the CM on Wednesday will have to prove his majority in 24 hours time it has been decided.Earlier the JDS combination with other parties failed and they lost power. Keeping this in mind the Congress said that they would extend unconditional support and that the main aim was keeping the BJP away from power. To stop the BJP at any cost and they finally succeeded.

Political pundits are also of the Opinion that the BJP will not disturb the Karnataka Government till the 2019 elections and they want the majority of the MP seats here rather than the MLAs support. It may be noted that Yeddyurappa in his final departing speech from the Assembly said that they will win all the 28 MP seats.

Now the NJP want MP seats rather than the power at the state level. Even in Tamilnadu, it may not be easy for BJP as the new leaders Kamalhassan and Rajinikanth are rearing to go. Rajinikanth has got all the chances to be the next CM according to analysts and we have to see which side will the BJP go in Tamilnadu.



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