Gowda compares Modi with Rama- power with Ashwamedha

A jubilant Kumara Swamy Gowda said that he has captured the Aswamedha Yaga horse in Karnataka which was let out by Modi and Shah. The Ashwamedha yaga horse was let out by Lord Rama and where ever it goes the land belongs to Rama and it is like capturing the land. If someone stops the horse, then Rama will fight him and get the land.

But here Gowda got the horse that is power with the help of Congress and he could stop the power capturing spree of Modi and Shah.

Modi used me 12 years ago and now I have captured his Ashwamedha horse and we will send a dead horse to Delhi Gowda stated.

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He meant that they could stop the winning streak of the Modi-Shah Jodi. But indirectly he agreed that Modi is Rama and he is capturing the nation in the format of Ashwamedha Yaga and now the Yaga horse is captured in Karnataka.

It was a historic gathering where for the first time Chandrababu touched Rahul brought him forward for photos and also patted him. This was an indication that the TDP which came on the plank of opposing the Congress is also joining the Congress.

Its time that Modi-Shah must mend their ways and check the prices of fuel, banks functioning and the implementation of GST. The erosion of the base will, however, continue for the BJP. They must see to it that it may not turn into corrosion.



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