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Governor apologises to Journalist

Governor of Tamilnadu Purohit had to apologise to a lady journalist as he patted on her cheek when she asked a question. Without answering the question, the Governor gave a pat on her cheek and later explained to her that, he did the act in appreciation and treated her as the granddaughter.

Journalist Laxmi agreed to accept the apology, but she did not agree with him that he did the act in her appreciation. She said that the Governor did not answer her question.

Even before Purohit distanced himself from degrees for sex issue, the pat incident has come up for discussion. The journalist did not appreciate his gesture.

Governor apologises to Journalist

later Laxmi tweeted: Washed my face several times. Still not able to get rid of it. So agitated and angered Mr Governor Banwarilal Purohit. It might be an act of appreciation by you and grandfatherly attitude. But to me you are wrong.

Laxmi opined that it was not right to touch a cheek of a strange and it was unprofessional on the Governors part.



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