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Google decides Pappu as Rahul Gandhi

If you search for Pappu in Google you will lead to Rahul Gandhi. when the analysts said that Rahul is no Pappu and getting matured he lost the crucial Karnataka election. Pappu was the name coined by Venkaiah Naidu the present Vice President in the parliament when he asked Rahul “Pappu please sit down”. Pappu means not knowing anything in Hindi it is called Annadi.

Google says its a Hindu name given to a male or else it shows the photo of Rahul Gandhi.

Pappu in Telugu means Dal. The daal is made of toor dal. Pappu in Telugu is referred to a useless man who cannot achieve anything.

Image result for Google  Pappu   Rahul Gandhi

Even the media has also started referring to Rahul as Pappu whenever he made some mistake or uttered something wrong by mistake.

Even some ads referred to Rahul as Pappu. When Rahul was gearing up to come out of this image he lost the Karnataka election and it is not easy for him to come out of the mould in the near future.

Let’s hope the Google will correct Pappu as dal and that is not Rahul. Pappu, in fact, is used to heckle Rahul.



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