Golmaal Shetty with Darling & Bhaijaan

Now everyone wants to make a movie with our Darling Baahubali Prabhas. Karajohar was the first one to offer an open Cheque to Rajamouli the director to make a movie of his choice with Prabhas. Rajamouli refused and Prabhas was not ready.
  Golmaal Shetty with Darling & Bhaijaan
Now Salman wants to do something with Prabhas. Bollywood star director Rohit Shetty who is known for making big ticket commercial entertainers is looking to bring Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and the Baahubali darling Prabhas together.

Prabhas is busy with Sahoo and marriage proposals. He wants to complete Sahoo with Anushka at the earliest and then switch on to other projects. Sahoo is his home productions and he is leaving no stone un-turned it is reported.
   Golmaal Shetty with Darling & Bhaijaan
As Prabhas turned out to be a national sensation with Baahubali, many Bollywood filmmakers are eyeing him to capture the Southern market.On the other hand Rana the other star of Baahubali is getting proposals from Hollywood. If Golmaal Rohit succeeds in bringing Salman and Prabhas together then sky is the limit for the film as Prabhas has solid market in southern states .

Bollywood Bhai Salman’s authority over Indian box office will be boosted even more if he teams up with the Baahubali star. Rohit is hell bent on pulling this one off as he is making constant efforts to get a nod from both the stars.
Golmaal Shetty with Darling & Bhaijaan
Darling Prabhas has a couple of prior commitments to complete before he takes up new projects. Salman on the other hand also is busy with hisTubelight and other current assignments.

Lets hope the dream of Shetty will come true and our darling Prabhas will be seen across the world via Salmans movie especially in Dubai and other foreign countries.



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