Gold might go up to 33000 per 10 grams

While the petrol prices are coming down slowly, the Gold prices are going high in a phased manner. It is predicted that the Gold rates may go up to Rs 33000 per ten grams. This will be by Diwali. In the name of festival purchase by November the prices will reach up to Rs33000 to 34000 per 10 grams.

Gold might go up to 33000 per 10 grams

The market will rise slowly in the name of festival purchase. It is predicted that from Ganesh chowthi, the rates will go up for Gold and silver. The silver is around Rs 41000 per Kg. By Diwali it may go up by Rs 43000 it is reported. But on the whole, the yellow metal is slowly losing its sheen and the people are looking at the artificial jewellery.



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