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 Godman gets his genitals back

Controversial godman who was accused of raping women whose private part was chopped off has finally got it back through surgery. This became sensational across the Nation.

It may be recalled that a lady in Kerala has chopped off his organ as he was harassing her regularly.

The godman Hari Swamy was rushed to the hospital for a plastic surgery but his organ could not be fixed at that point of time. Now it was fixed and he is able to urinate properly it is reported.

They Wanted the organ to be completely removed first, but then they later fixed it with great difficulty it is learnt.

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Kerala Chief Minister praised the lady for chopping off the godman’s organ as he was harassing the ladies.

Hari Swamy said that some rich people were against him and were responsible for slashing his organ. Earlier he complained on the lady and now he changed his statement according to the police.

However, he is undergoing treatment in the hospital. There are several godman who are violating the ladies in the name of treatment. But the women still continue to visit them in the name of getting cured of ailments.



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