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Go for nuts

People say nuts are the best things to eat and snack all the day. They give a lot of energy to the body and mind.

Almonds provide positive effects on your health. Rich in many nutrients these are deemed as the perfect nuts to start your day with.

Pistachios, Cashew and Pine Nuts. They can help boost your immunity and stamina after a long day at work. These could also be a great snacking option.

Go for nuts

Walnuts,Prunes and dates are high in soluble fiber and can significantly help you with problems related to digestion and constipation.

Consuming them at night will ensure you don’t feel bloated or constipated the next day.

Similarly one can depend on sprouts also as a snack. But they are mostly taken in the morning directly raw. If it is evening some onions can be added and fried on a low flame with some butter.



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