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Girijan thandas must become clean and green

I had food in many Thanadas and spent time with them, used neem stick as brush K Chandrasekhar Rao remembered.

KCR was talking in a meeting with the Banjaras here today at Pragathi Bhavan. Lambadis are more in Girijans and Adivasis are less in Telangana he said. I know the problems of Girijans as I had spent time with them he explained.

We got Telangana and we are happy, now in future 12841 grama panchayats are being formed and more than 2600 will be ruled by Girijans he stated. Even in general we will get the opportunity he said. About 3000 girijans will become sarpanches he said.

About 15 lakhs will be there for the grama panchayats in a span of 5 years he announced. You will get the money directly and make the thandas spik and span he suggested. There will be no power problem at all so make them clean and green he said.

Girijan thandas must become clean and green

The funds will not get lapsed and will be forwarded to next year he explained. Girijans must be educated and money will be spent abundantly he assured. You are the leaders and if you don’t work, you will be blamed he waned. You must win and develop your own area he suggested.

You must have all the data and then develop the areas thereby developing TS he stated. The power and funds are with you and you have all the opportunity he explained. The marriage expenditures should not be very high in the thandas he suggested.

We must save money also he said. Make a detailed plan to develop the Girijans life he stated and money should go to them directly he opined.

Girijan thandas must become clean and green

Any issue must be forwarded to the Government and it should be resolved he said. Lamabada word must go and it must be a Girijana grama panchayat he said.

We must start first and then complete the work he suggested.

Redya Naik the senior leader said that KCR will be remembered as a Mahatma in the history.



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