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Ghee health benefits

Ghee does not contain harmful hydrogenated oils, oxidized cholesterol, artificial additives, preservatives or trans fats and is resistant to free radical damage.

Organic Ghee provides optimum health benefits for you and your family, and is free from harmful chemical pesticides, heavy metals, and contamination.
Ghee health benefits
Consuming milk and ghee from animals raised on antibiotics, artificial hormones, and chemical ladened feed can be harmful to our health.

The saturated fats in Ghee play vital roles in the healthy function of bone, brain, heart, immune and endocrine systems.

Ghee has a higher smoke point than butter and many other oils, 250 degrees Celcius

Ghee won’t turn rancid at room temperature and retains its original flavor and freshness for up to a year without refrigeration.

Ghee is produced when butter is clarified, meaning all but trace amounts of lactose and casein are removed.



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