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Get naked for Visa

Union Minister Alphons reacted very sharply over the remarks that the Aadhar data was breached. He did not agree with people who stated that the Aadhar data was no secret and that it has already been breached.

Earlier there were remarks that the Aadhar data was easily found on Google search.Now people say one can get the Aadhar from the Bank accounts and that the individual banks account can be breached.

Reacting to all these statements, Union Minister Alphons said that people can do anything like going naked before the while people for VISA, when your country asks for some details you don’t like to give that. You object to that this is very unfortunate he stated.

The Minister assured that the Aadhar data was with UIDAI and was safe and not breached.

The issue came into prominence as the individual’s data on Face book was either compromised or breached and the owner Zucker Berg agreed and confirmed on this. Following this, there were rumours that the data on UIDAI was also breached and that it was easily available.

The Minister clarified that there was no amount of truth in this. He argued that when you go for a VISA you take everything in the right spirit and follow the officials, but why not for the Aadhar he questioned.



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