Gangster Abu Salem demands for Chicken

Gangster Abu Salem is demanding for chicken in the jail. He complained to the officials of the Portuguese embassy that he was living on just vegetarian food and that the quality was bad. He also complained of a bad toilet and not having any proper facilities. He was not allowed to meet his family members also.

abu salem

The embassy officials visited the Taloja jail that Abu Salem complained that there was a threat to his life. The visited him and he said that he was becoming sick as the facilities were very bad here. Salem’s lawyer complained that he was having an eyesight problem, and knee pain, but he was not given proper treatment since last one year.

abu salem

The Jail superintendent said that they can just be given an egg to Salem if the doctors recommend. They cannot give chicken. He said that there was no proper escort for him as they have to take him to Mumbai for special treatment. However other things are taken care of like other prisoners he explained. The doctors said that basically, he was healthy and that his complaints were baseless. salem is serving a life term in the Jail.



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