The future will be told on 27nth:KTR Political Top Stories 

The future will be told on 27nth:KTR

Minister for IT and Municipal administration said that all arrangements are being done for the plenary of TRS to be held on 27nth April. Representatives from across the state will be coming for the event. The presidential election will be held here at Kompally.

Water-food facility, health facility and all other arrangements including a place for Namaj are also being arranged he said. A media centre is also being put in place for filing the stories.

The media centre will be co-ordinated from the TRS Bhavan. The meeting will dwell upon the development in Telangana and how it being developed into number one.

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The party members will discuss the present and future politics apart from giving the direction to the people. A hundred members from each constituency will come for the meeting. Answering a question about Yechuri saying that the federal front would be like musi under KCR, KTR replied that KCR is so good that he will develop musi also and he capable of that.

He cited the example of leaders and Ministers visiting from others states and praising development of Telangana. Even the opposition is praising KCR and his governance he said.

Members have been appointed to look into various committees that would oversee the arrangements for the plenary he said.



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