The fund’s crunch for Congress party

Congress party and the chief Rahul Gandhi are high in morale after the success of getting power along with JDS in Karnataka. But they are unable to add momentum to the little speed that they have gained after wresting the power from BJP in the last moment. The Congress has taken the food out of the mouth of Yeddyurappa and has fed it to Kumara Swamy Goud who will be taking the oath this evening.

The real problem for the Congress to move ahead is that they don’t have funds or donations steadily flowing for the party. They had funds pumped in from the Telugu states for the Karnataka election thanks to Chandrababu Naidu. The BJP was able to spend 5 to 7 times more than that of the Congress at Karnataka.
How long will the Congress survive starving for funds for the question? It is very difficult for the Congress to take on the mightly BJP who have constructed a swanky office in Delhi with all the high-tech gadgets for the future. The Congress has to face rich BJP with a high octane level campaign and it is not easy without having funds.

The fund's crunch for Congress party
The corporate honchos are with the BJP and if they get a whiff of air that the Congress might make it in the next election for 2019, then there is a chance that they might set aside some funds for the Congress. Otherwise, it is very difficult for the Congress to take on the mighty Modi who just bulldozes Rahul like a helicopter shot from Dhoni.

Funds are the key to any election and without money, no voter would come to the booth. Now the cost of a vote is around Rs 5000 plus regular campaign and digital campaign.

Many of the Congress party offices across the country are left high and dry and you will not see any worker there. There is an immediate need to rejuvenate them and send some money for at least Chai Pani to make people sit for the future.



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