Fuel rates rise again- thanks to NDA

Thanks to the NDA Government at the centre. The petrol prices are going up and High. The petrol is around Rs 76 and the diesel is around 67 today that is Sunday. The increase in fuel prices will have a cascading effect on all the essential commodities as it adds to the transport.

The Congress leaders including the former PM Manmohan Singh have blamed the Modi government for this surge in fuel prices. As long as the Karnataka election continued the fuel prices were unchanged. Once the election was over the rates kept going high and high.

Fuel rates rise again- thanks to NDA

This is one area where the BJP government and kept on blaming the international crude prices. There was a time when the crude prices were static but the rates at the local level kept changing. Some of the leaders opined that the fuel prices, GST and demonetisation where some of the reasons for not getting the required majority for BJP in the Karnataka elections.

The BJP has to mend its ways to win the coming elections in other states. Otherwise, the opposition combine will take the states one after the other in a phased manner.

The opposition is all set to gang up from Karnataka for the 2019 elections. Mamatha wants Congress to lead while KCR thinks otherwise. It looks like KCR and Babu will also get convinced in the process. It is a matter of time. There is already a talk that babu has financed the Congress for Karnataka elections and he is happy that BJP has lost. At the same time, KCR supported JDS and Gowda is the CM now.



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