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Fuel prices zoom high

The fuel prices have no control in the NDA Government. The petrol rate is 73.95 in Delhi and it is very high in the last four and half years time. The diesel price is almost Rs 65 which is also said to be an all-time high in the last four year period of the BJP governance.

The LPG prices for domestic have been reduced yesterday.

This has resulted in people asking for a cut in the excise duties by the Government but the Ministers said no to this proposal it is reported. There will be no immediate cut in the taxes the officials also clarified.

Fuel prices zoom high

They will make a press release to the media if at all there is any reduction in the taxes proposed by the Government.

The prices of the fuels have been fluctuating since June last year and now they have been raised today by 12 paise for petrol and 13 paise for Diesel respectively.



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