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Fuel prices on the rise again

Thanks to the Karnataka elections the prices of Diesel and petrol were under control. But now the prices are rising from today and the will continue to go up . Even during the Gujarat elections the fuel prices were under control and reduced regularly till the polling date. After the polling, they went up and up.

Fuel prices on the rise again

The Petrol per litre Mumbai is around Rs 83. When compared to Congress regime, the fuel prices were all-time high under the BJP regime. The issue was raised several times but people talked about International crude prices. They said whenever the crude was high, the price here was raised quoting the international standards so on and so forth.

This will have a cascading effect on all the items breaking the back of common man from time to time. There is no comparison between the Congress and the BJP when it comes to fuel prices. Market experts say that if the BJP wins the Karnataka elections the fuel prices might go up further. The BJP will not be in control and they will just take all the decision ignoring the opposition.



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