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Fuel price hike by Rs 4 ?

There is a talk that the fuel prices might go up by around Rs 4. During the Karnataka elections the fuel prices were kept on hold and to make up for all that, now the Government is planning to impose the hike it is reported.

Both the prices of diesel and also Petrol will go up from Rs3.50 to Rs 4 it is learnt. The swearing in of Yedurappa is over so the Government thinks that it is the right time to hike the rates.

Fuel price hike by Rs 4 ?

The crude rate at international price rose, but since the election time was on the central Government kept the hike on hold. From April 24 to May 12 there was no hike in the fuel prices. This year the hike reported was highest that was done in the last several years. There is no comparison to the prices when compared to the UPA Government. Former PM Manmohan Singh has referred the fuel prices of NDA Government several times.



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