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Fruits that reduce BP In Summer

Bananas are said to be one of the best fruits that we can have any time and in summer they keep your BP in control. They have calcium, magnesium and potassium which is good in summer.

Watermelon is the other fruit which has water to a larger extent and it reduces the BP and keeps your body temperature in control. It reduces the BP and also keeps the body hydrated for the summer.

Fruits that reduce BP In Summer

Yogurt or curd is also very good to keep the BP in control. The high BP is reduced and controlled. Having curd every day after the meal is very good for health. It cleanses the stomach and helps in digestion also. In summers it works as a coolant.

Skimmed Milk is also good against BP and one must have a glass of skimmed milk on daily basis to keep the BP system in control.

Different kinds of berries are also good in maintaining the body temperature. Especially the blackberries, they keep the body temperature in control.



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