Forget the Friday sentiment-Talkies

Cinema people are ignoring and almost doing away with the Friday sentiment for releasing the movies.

Now they are using Wednesday, Thursday and also Friday. Some movies which have released on Wednesday and Thursday have also become blockbusters and Mahanati is one of them. Content is the king and if the story is good, the cinemas are working.

Mahanati is a three-hour movie and the content was so strong that you are glued to the chairs for all the three hours.

Bharat ane Nenu was also for three hours and the audience liked it.

So there is no movie expert who has invented as to what makes a movie good and what are the permutations and combinations. If it is Thursday release you will get one more day for the collections.

Even for the coming Dasara, there might be a clash between the stars for the theatres and release dates.

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Last time Bharat Ane Nenu was advanced for Allu Arjun’s movie but Allu boy bombed at the box office.

So finally the content and taking matters.

The publicity can save the film to some extent only. The mouth talk matter a lot and if people say it is good and then there is no looking back. The first few hours these days are deciding the fate of any movie for that matter.

So anyday can turn into an auspicious day provided you give good content.



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