Flop! Kaala crosses 100 crores

That is the beauty of Rajinikanth, people may call his film an average, and then a flop but it will cross the 100 crore mark and it happened with Kabaali also. That is the reason Rajini is going for the same director PaRanjith the third time.

Dhanush should be a happy man, that he has got 100 crores into his kitty and being the producer for his uncle that should be a good news for him.

Dhanush has been a smart guy, producing small films, trying the direction taking some risk and making money. He knows that a film with Rajini hit or flop, the money is safe and he can get back it during the second run or from the satellite rights.


Rajini is a rage in many parts of the world. Now the bad news that Rajini’s 2.0 is postponed to next year that is 2019. Maybe for the election time, it helps him to garner some votes.

Now people have understood the phenomenon of Rajini. Whatever you do, the people will see it. The money is guaranteed. If he says yes then there is no problem. For Rajini as a person, nothing bothers him.

He is cool and composed and now a power monger. Finally, it is a great ending for Dhanush that he crossed the 100 crores and will make more money in the process. Karnataka has been the real issue.



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