Flexible pricing of Cinema Tickets

Depending upon the film budgets and other reasons there will be flexible pricing of the tickets called as flexi tickets in the state. Not only that, ticket-booking will also be made online.

The New chairman of the TSFDC said that, the Telangana state film awards will also be given away for the first time.

The ‘Simha’ awards as they are called will be given away at a function to be organized possibly for Vijayadashami.

Flexible pricing of Cinema Tickets

Asked about the rationale behind the decision to allow flexi-pricing for film tickets, Ram Mohan Rao said that a producer making a film with a huge budget may want to price the ticket high so that he would be able to recover his investment in the film.

He said the advantage of online ticket booking is that the producer, distributor and theatre owner will have the correct figures about the number of ticket sold.

“This figure is also important for the government as tax is to be paid by the theatre on each ticket sold,” he said.

Ram Mohan Rao said plans are afoot to make Hyderabad the film capital of the country.

He said that land had been identified at three places to provide for studios to be set up. At these places, entire infrastructure will be made available by the companies which will set up studios there under the PPP model.

“With the development of technology, films are even being made on a shoe-string budget of Rs 12 lakh. You have films made even on mobile phones. The idea is to develop world-class infrastructure to attract filmmakers from across the country to Hyderabad,” he said. He explained that already, filmmakers from other states are shooting their films in Hyderabad.



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