Fitness is the key says dhoom dhoom Dhoni

MS Dhoni the man who has won the IPL title for CSK says age is just a number and it does not matter as long as you are fit. Dhoni was of the opinion that if the age is on your side it does guarantee that you will win. Keeping the age aside performing on that day at that moment and giving your best is the point he said.

Fitness is the key, and experience also helps at some times he stated. Mahi Dhoni gave the example of Ambati Rayudu at the age of 33 and he has done well, he was fit and that age did not come in between when it comes to performance.

MS Dhoni

The good batting effort by the majority of the team members gave them the cup he said. It is certain that Dhoni will play the next world cup, that is for his fitness and also the experience behind the wickets and at times guiding the captain and also the players from time to time. The way he advises and moulds the bowlers from ball to ball to cheat the batsman is the key to the success.

One can see the bowlers looking at Dhoni and Dhoni, in turn, guiding them to victory from the stumps. His presence itself makes it all for the team members. You can also depend on him at the end to finish of the game. 99 percent he has made it for the team in times of crisis.

One helicopter shot will make all the difference for the team in the end and it could be the winning shot. That is Dhoni and people say dhoom dhoom Dhoni. Seniors like Shashtri, Ganguly, Bhajji, Sehwag, Yuvraj and all others vouch for Dhoni and the young bowlers want Dhoni behind the stumps.



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