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The first call to Rahul was from Modi

The Congress leaders have complained to the police on the technical snag of the plane which Rahul used last night to reach Karnataka. People who travelled with Rahul in the plane were worried that they could not land properly and the autopilot mode failed in the plane.

People who travelled with Rahul said that the plane was leaning on the side and it gave them anxious moments. Rahul holds a commercial pilot license and he knows about the planes and the behaviour of planes.

The first call to Rahul was from Modi
But as soon as the plane landed the first call was from non-other than Prime Minister Modi.
Earlier when Sonia was unwell, the government came forward to arrange everything for her medical help. Modi enquired with Rahul if everything was fine. Actually, the aircraft was shaking violently and went into a free fall and the autopilot was not working.

The Government has taken the incident seriously and the aviation regulator has already been pressed into service for enquiry.

The pilots could land the aircraft in the third attempt at Hubli with great difficulty. The pilot of the aircraft will be questioned by the officials concerned.



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