Our financial health is sound says KCR

The RBI has all the accounts on the debts of the states explained CM K Chandrasekhar Rao here today in the Assembly. He clarified that there was no deviation in the Governor’s speech and it was all true.
We had a debt of Rs72000 crore after bifurcation. Now we have to do a debt servicing Rs 145000 crore as on date the CM explained. The people are giving all inflated figures when it comes to the debt he said. You must know before you make allegations the CM said.
We are better than the other states he opined.
Rs 129683 crore was the working capital expenditure for 23 districts in united Andhra he said. Telangana did not get its due he stated. Kishan Reddy did not give the right figures KCR pointed out.
We are getting more than 375 percent more than the earlier times he said. The people know the facts they are happy, but leaders like Kishan Reddy are agitated on their own he said.
Kishan Reddy has no updating on the latest and he is giving cooked up figures KCR stated. Kishan Reddy must come up in life and aspire for the CM, nothing wrong as a friend I wish said the CM in a sarcastic manner. We are with the people and among the people and we actually know what really is happening KCR said.
I am not a worried man and we will stick to the discipline and rules he said talking about the suspensions.
People can do dharnas-protests in a right manner he suggested.



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