Farmers suicides reduced -Karimnagar will be London Political Top Stories 

Farmers suicides reduced -Karimnagar will be London

The suicides of farmers have come down in Telangana said K Chandrasekhar Rao here in the Assembly. This was confirmed by the central minister in the parliament. He explained that the suicides have come down by 52 percent as stated by the Union Minister he said.

Sunnam Rajaiah the communist leaders must know the facts before making allegations KCR said. The Dalits will get 3-acre land if they don’t have the lands for agriculture he stated.

We are trying to rehabilitate about 5000 Dalit families and we continue to do it and we will buy the land for them wherever it is required he assured. Karimnagar will become London and Warangal may not become Singapore that is different he said. For Minority welfare thousand plus crores have been allocated he said.

Figures will change now and then according to additions and deletions as per the latest requirements. Out duty is to attract votes and give schemes for the same and that is politics and democracy he explained. Yes, finally whoever attracts people will win the elections he explained.

People are liking TRS Government and will win the next elections he exuded confidence. In all spheres, we are at the top in the country he announced. Our per capita is higher than the National per capita he said.



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