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It’s a failure love story: Charmi

We do not know about Charmi properly but she was in new along with the director Puri Jagannath in the drugs case. It has attracted news across the nation. Some said that she was used by Puri to peddle the drugs for the filmi people.

She worked for Puri connects and was doing the PR and managing work for the ace director.
But there are allegations that she was living together with Puri so son and so forth. But later the news died down.

   It's a failure love story: Charmi
Now the latest is that Charmee has stated that her loved failed and she could not succeed. She claimed that she loved a man in the industry and it failed. Some of them hinted that the first love could be Devi Sri Prasad the music director.

But no one confirmed this. She did not name anyone so far. But agreed that she is a failure case. She is still with the Puri connects and takes care of his shootings.
 It's a failure love story: Charmi
She also joins Puri in Producing the Movies most of them were failures. Some people in the industry alleged that Puri’s work has gone down after joining hands with Charmee. He is not giving any hits. His latest movie with his son is in the hands of Dil Raju for distribution as he could not get a good price.



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