Failing in Karnataka- BJP looks at AP-TS

Karnataka could not become a gateway to the South for the BJP, but it has become a gateway for the Congress on the unity of the entire opposition. With Congress getting power in Karnataka, the Congress in Telangana and AP are happy that they would get some fuel from Karnataka for the next elections.

Both AP and Telangana will go to the polls in 2019 along with the Loksabha polls. Now the BJP is looking at Telangana and also the Andhra states for consolidation of its forces. If they say they would come to power, it is nothing but daydreaming. Both AP and Telangana are weak states when coming to the question of cadre. There are few leaders here and there lingering on since last several decades.

Failing in Karnataka- BJP looks at AP-TS

The Congress is trying to gain strength in Telangana. While it is difficult to gain strength in Andhra, the AP Congress may not get any benefit. The YRSC and Janasena are in the forefront when compared to the Congress. The BJP will be the fourth last in AP.

BJP Chief Amit Shah is planning to visit Hyderabad and kick-start the campaign here in Telangana. Then might go to Andhra also. When it comes to Telangana, the TRS is the hot favourite here and KCR is enjoying the support of all sections here and it may not be easy for the Congress or BJP here.

We can conclude that the BJP would be daydreaming here in Telangana and Andhra and the idea of coming to power will just remain a pipe dream.



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