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Facebook Mark Zuckerberg says sorry

Mark Zuckerberg said he was sorry that his company has made some mistakes. There was a breach of the information and his duty is to see that it is protected at any cost. There are about 50 million users on Facebook.

There are allegations that the data taken from Facebook helped Donald Trump to get elected and that now data has been taken from India to use it for the election purpose.

Zucker Berg agreed that the company made mistakes and he is taking action to stop these breaches of information.

The idea is to give a tool to the users to disable the information from going out. Zuckerberg agreed that this a major breach of Trust and he is sorry for the same. People data must be protected and it is our basic responsibility he agreed.

Facebook will stop interfering in the elections he clarified.He was open to the Government for investigation. It cost millions of dollars to fix the data Zuker said. The man who blew the whistle on this issue said he was ready for investigation and giving the information.

On the other hand, the Indian authorities said that if neede Zucker will be summoned to India for investigation.



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