All eyes on Pranab dada, Kaala and RSS

Despite warnings from every quarter Pranab Mukherjee the senior congressman and the former President of India has decided to address the RSS valedictory convention. Pranab’s daughter Sharmistha also has disapproved of his acceptance and said that people may forget his speech that the visuals remain forever. This will create all sorts of rumours and she tweeted that this is just the beginning.

Pranab on the other hand openly stated to his critics that whatever he wants to say will say from the podium that is from the RSS headquarters in Nagpur. Some political analysts said that this one way for the BJP and RSS to distract the public attention. Narendra Modi has been facing a lot of flak for losing the elections and also people started assessing his performance as he completed 4 years and also after losing Karnataka.

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The Pranabda talk will make all the difference for the people. The other thing is that Pranabda is being pitted against Modi as the candidate in the next elections for the third front or the federal front being proposed by KCR-Mamatha and others. But what will happen to Rahul is the question. Rahul is leaning towards Mayawathi.

If there are three groups fighting for the throne, it will be advantage BJP and Modi. The opposition gets divided into two between Rahul and Pranab, then the Modi group will emerge victoriously.

Whatever it is today people are waiting for results of two things one is Kaala the movie from Rajinikanth and the other is the speech of Pranabada, the Congressman who lost his chance to be a PM .



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