Electric buses for Hyderabad said KTR

Hyderabad is yet to become an international city said K Taraka Rama Rao. There should be no street dogs and Rome was not built in a day said the Municipal Minister. Overnight we cannot do things and change things he stated. The people must co-operate for making the city into a mega city. Funds are no issue at all.

Without peoples participation we cannot make it an international city he said. We have set up a stall for good practices. About disposal of garbage, make fertiliser at home, things like that have been displayed he said. The program was named as Mana Nagaram, meaning our city. People need the minimum and basic infrastructure. The people are happy to the extent of 78 percent in the city and surrounding he said.

Many reservoirs are being constructed and Kukatpally will have 2 more reservoirs he explained. People need about 150 litres of water per person in the city and Hyderabad will have about 150 reservoirs for the water supply explained. The old pipelines and lines will be replaced and water will be supplied to the extent needed he said.

Liquid waste management and good stormwater drains and sewer lines are essential he said. More STPs are needed he said.

 ktr mananagaram

However, the TRS Government will make it an international city at any cost and funds are not an issue KTR pointed out.

We are creating wealth out of waste and gave the example of power being produced. Now in city power is being produced out of the garbage.

Water supply, Sanitation and transport are the main issues and they will be addressed he assured. Metro is being expanded in July and the third route will also be launched and it will be 66 kilometres he said. The TSRTC buses will be replaced in a phased manner. 500 electric vehicles will come and all will be replaced he said.

GHMC vehicles will also be changed he said. They will also become electric vehicles soon. Some have been ordered.



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