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Ek pe Ek -the betting for BJP

The satta market or the betting market is busy and people are winning to bet on for the BJP win here in Karnataka elections. With another 18 hours to go for the results, the offer is one for one. If you bet a lakh of rupees on BJP then you get Rs 2 lakh in return. You can bet on the winning, you can guess on winning seats, winning margins, the CM candidate so on and so forth. Different categories have different payments and mode of settling the money.

Ek pe Ek -the betting for BJP

The betting is high on the BJP. Betting is illegal in India, but in foreign it is legal. Rich people businessmen with excess money go for this betting while most of them end up losing some of them also make money. The bookies are expecting more than 98 seats for the BJP and the think it will be BJP here in Karnataka.

The way Siddharamaiah said that he is willing to pave way for a Dalit CM shows that all is not well with the Congress camp. The punters believe that finally, the BJP will emerge as the largest party and then will take the JDS into confidence for forming the government. It is reported that the betting is on for the BJP on a steady basis when compared to the Congress.

Ek pe Ek -the betting for BJP

If you put a lakh and claim for 125 seats for any party, if you are right then you will get Rs 5 lakh that is the satta promise. There are people to suggest about betting on whom and how and what you get in the end.

Some of them are betting on Congress and BJP in different formats so that they end up losing very little money in the process.

Now the satta market also busy with the IPL betting. Betting is going on for Yeddyurappa also. If he is going to be the CM at the age of 75 or not.



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