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Eggs are good for the heart

There is a lot of confusion about egg consumption and there was also a myth that over-consumption of eggs might lead to heart issues.

There was also a talk that people with diabetes would have some risk of heart problems if they consume eggs. The latest research done recently in the USA proved that consumption of eggs will not be a problem for the heart.

People with diabetes can take any number of eggs and it helps in many ways like supplementing the protein also to the body.

Some doctors also used to advise people not to have the yellow in the eggs and that generates cholesterol. But the latest research says that we can have yellow and also white of the eggs and both are useful and we will not have any cholesterol problems.

So the final finding is that anyone can have any number of eggs both white and yellow together. They are good for health in many ways and diabetes patients can also have the same without any doubts. People of all ages can have them and it is good for digestion also.

People saying that consumption of eggs will lead to health issues is completely wrong. Please have the eggs freely in whatever form you want. But anything in excess is bad.



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