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Eat with your fingertips

There are doubts to some people if they have to eat with the hands or with spoons and fork. Which is the right way or which one is beneficial for the health?

Eating with a spoon or fork is like mechanical eating and you may end up eating more. Eating with the hand is slow and you know what you are actually eating and in what quantities. But wash your hands properly before eating.

With your hands, you can actually manage the portions that you eat. It was found out that people with diabetes are the fast eaters as they feel hungry all the time and with spoons, they eat a lot in quantity and are also fast.

 Eat with your fingertips
By hand, this can be avoided. You feel and touch what you are actually eating and tasting. So just drop the forks and spoons eat out of your hands.

It is believed that according to the Vedas hands are the most precious and sacred organs. They say that the fingers represent the five elements, That is fire, air, water, space and earth. There are scriptures which say that the nerve ends in the fingers help us in good digestion of the foods.

So eat with your fingertips and enjoy the food which helps in indirect reduction of the weight and also less consumption of the food.



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