Eat good mangoes-avoid the chemical ones Health Top Stories 

Eat good mangoes-avoid the chemical ones

This is summer time so eat mangoes. One can see mangoes of various kinds for sale on the streets. But be careful that you don’t pick the mangoes which are riped under artificial conditions with chemicals. That will spoil your health. Take the mangoes which become ripe under original and organic conditions.

Eat good mangoes-avoid the chemical ones

1. One can use Mango juice and carrot juice together for about two months and your kidneys will become clean and the kidny stones will disappear.
2. Use mango pulp and turmeric mix paste on your face as a mask and it will get rid of the pimples also. Dark skin will get proper colour and it will glow.

Eat good mangoes-avoid the chemical ones
3. Eating of mangoes will also increase your potency and it acts as a blood thinner.
4. Mangoes will help in reducing eye diseases and also prevent some kinds of cancer.
5. The beta-carotene in mangoes will improve the resistance of your body.
6. Mangoes will improve your blood. The iron content will improve the blood and it is good for pregnant ladies.
7.Mangoes will reduce the gas issue and also improve your digestion as they have got a lot of fibre content.
8. Mangoes are good for teeth and gums and they will stop bleeding of gums. It reduces the bacteria in the mouth and also cures mouth ulcers.
9.Mangoes will reduce cholesterol and also put BJP in regulation. The magnesium and potassium available in the fruits will help the body to be in healthy condition.
10. Make a milkshake with mangoes and have it in the night for a good sleep.
So grab them to the maximum extent possible.



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