He dumps daughters body in drain

Unable to bear the funeral expenses of his 16 year old daughter who committed suicide, a father dumped her body in a drain behind his house in Mailardevpally in the first week of May. The incident came to light after residents found the skull of the girl and the decomposed body floating in the drain. The girl was identified as S Bhavani.

S Pentaiah, ran into financial difficulties when his son, Sitaram, committed suicide two years ago; he had to borrow Rs 50,000 for the funeral expenses. He was further burdened with debt when he had to borrow Rs 50,000 for the puberty ceremony of his Bhavani.

Meanwhile, Bhavani who was at home was involved in petty thefts in the neighbourhood. Two days before she hanged herself, she had stolen a cell phone in their area, which was traced and recovered by the owner.
He dumps daughters body in drain
After this incident on May 6, she hanged herself on the same day in her home. Her father who returned from work found her hanging, already dead. Cornered by financial restraints, he waited till midnight and dumped her body in the drain behind his house.

On May 31, kids in the locality had found a white object and started playing with it. Few elders noticed it as a human skull and alerted Police, who later found the body in the drain. A suspicious death case was registered.

On inquiry, residents told Police that Pentaiah’s daughter was not seen in the area for more than three weeks. On suspicion, Police picked up Pentaiah for inquiry, during which he admitted that his daughter committed suicide on May 6, but had dumped the body in the drain, unable to bear the funeral expenses.



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