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Drinks against sunstroke

Tamarind juice is supposed to help people who are suffering from sunstroke. It helps reduce the problem and soothes your body. Tamarind gives electrolytes to the body which were lost due to dehydration.

Aloe vera juice is also good for your body as it gives adaptogens which can adjust you to heat from time to time. One can also use it as a face mask to escape from the heat stroke on your face. The vitamins and minerals in the juice give strength to adapt to the situation.

Drinks against sunstroke

Coriander and mint juice acts like coolant to the body and they are cool herbs. Both can be grounded together and made into a lite liquid and squeeze a few drops of lime and it tastes good. It prevents the effect of sunstroke.

Coconut water and buttermilk are two age-old drinks which are natural and can be made easily. While the coconut water is ready-made, the curd can be diluted and made as a buttermilk with a sprinkle of salt and a dash of lime.

Onions and onion juice can be had by people against the sunstroke. It is one of the best drinks and can be made at home. Just by squeezing the onions and add some water and salt to it. It acts as an electrolyte.



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