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Don’t get complacent says KTR

There is no interconnectivity between the water supplied from Godavari and Krishna rivers said K Tarakrama Rao the IT Minister of Telangana.

Don’t get complacent and relax, we have to give water to every house according to the promise of the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao he said to the officials.

Don't get complacent says KTR
Mission Bagheeradha is one area with which we can give clean water and stop all the waterborne diseases said KTR. It is a boon from the KCR and that all sections of the society if they get clean water half of the health issues can be resolved he said.

Next ten months we have to face the challenges he said to the officials. He said that if the poor people get good drinking water they will be very happy and they need not travel from place to place for the sake of water he said.



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