Dhoni may say goodbye to IPL

CSK boss Mahendra Singh Dhoni opined that there are a set of senior players in the CSK and IPL who may not continue for long and who have to give way for the youngsters. One has to give his best on that particular day and if not there is a chance that we might lose the game.

He was happy that the CSK owners have imposed faith in the set of senior players who have been doing their best but this may not continue for long he opined. There is a need for some new set of players to get ready and travel with the team so that they can take over in the meantime along with the senior he said.

Dhoni may say goodbye to IPL

May he was hinting at the retirement from the IPL format for some senior players who sometimes might fail due to the age factor. He was also an opinion as a think tank and strategy wise they are good, but when it comes to the implementation they are lacking sometimes.

Now the CSK is making a come back in the IPL, but Dhoni the master player and strategist is thinking for the future. The owners of CSK are good and we kept adding the players as per requirement and that is good he stated. Adding the players as per the requirement of the game and the standards of the game is must he opined.



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