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Dhoni the key for next world cup

The former dashing opener of the Cricket game Virendra Sehwag said that the guidance of the wicketkeeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni is must for the youngsters who play for the next world cup.

Dhoni has almost been confirmed for the next world cup it looks like. He suggested the youngsters take lessons from Dhoni for the preparations for playing in the next world cup.

Dhoni lead the team when India lifted the World Cup in Mumbai. So he opined that the experience of Dhoni will of utmost value to all the players before they enter the world cup.

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Sehwag said that the seniors helped him while he was playing. Dhoni played 3 world cups and he has a vast experience and this helps them others a lot he opined. Every bowler will be benefitted on the strategy he opined.

Apart from Sehwag, there are other players who also said that Dhoni should be around when they play the world cup. Kohli , Ravi Shastri wants Dhoni for the world cup. Some bowlers informally said that they would need Dhonis strategy when they are in action.



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