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Dhoni and his dog in the dressing room

MS Dhoni the former Indian Captain and the current leader of the CSK is known as a pet lover. He was seen roaming around with a dog in the stadium and also gave a tour of his dressing room to the dog that he was walking around. He said to the teammates by yelling my friend is here. The video of the same has gone viral on the web media.

It looked as if Dhoni and his dog have come for a security check here into the dressing room. Some his teammates played with the dog and it is costly breed. Pictures and videos of Dhoni walking the dog in the dressing room and also in the stadium were circulated in the media and they are also viral on the web.

Dhoni enjoyed every bit of his act and his friends cheered him and also the dog. As far as cricket is concerned CSK is second in the IPL tournament. When it comes to the dog, people said that it was Golden retriever and Dhoni has adapted that for a long time.



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