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The Dharna Chowk dilemma

Do we require a dharna point in the heart of city is a big question. The people who come for dharna use the place around Indira park and NTR stadium for passing urine and also easing themselves around. Water packets and biryani packets are thrown around the area making it a garbage bin. The mikes blare all the time round the clock making it difficult for the students especially during the exams.

Two groups have clashed here for the chowk and against the chowk. The local residents do not want it and the communists want it. In fact communist leader and former MP Madhu is the resident of LIC colony. He knows the problem of people here.

The Dharna Chowk dilemma

Dharna Chowk, the venue of thousands of protests for several years, may be history soon. The state government has reacted positively to a proposal of the Hyderabad police to shift Dharna Chowk to the city outskirts, citing public inconvenience and traffic congestion. According to police statistics, around 1,900 dharnas were held in 2106 at Dharna Chowk.

Police and revenue departments have intensified efforts to scout for suitable areas outside the core city to locate the Dharna Chowk. This follows Telangana Joint Action Committee’s plan to hold a rally of unemployed youth at Dharna Chowk, which was subsequently foiled.

Central Zone DCP said, “The proposal to shift Dharna Chowk is under active consideration. There are efforts to identify new areas. Two to three dharnas are held there every day.”

The police said, “We have to summon personnel from police headquarters whenever there is an agitation to oversee law and order. The Gandhinagar police, which covers Dharna Chowk, is into crime control, patrolling and regular policing. It is a daunting task to manage the crowds at Dharna Chowk. There are even restrictions imposed by the High Court regarding the use of NTR stadium.”

Kodandaram_file_photo_750x500_(Facebook - Telangana JAC)

During the recent agitation by TJAC led by Prof. Kodandaram, home department counsel told the High Court of Hyderabad that the TS government is not against democratic protests, but permission can’t be granted to have big gatherings at Dharna Chowk as it is in the heart of the city..

The home department also told the court that the area is host to several hospitals, educational institutions and residential localities.

“Assembly and Secretariat are located close to this place. Mobilisation of a vast crowds will cause massive public inconvenience. There is a PIL pending in the High Court filed by residents of areas surrounding Dharna Chowk asking to shift the protestors from the place,” said a government pleader.

The High Court too had suggested that Prof. Kodandaram last week to look for an alternative location for his protest.
Domalguda, Bandamaisamma, LIC colony, Aravindnagar ,Ashoknagar are the areas affected by these dharnas on daily basis. The people coming for dharna just booze around this area after the scheduled protest. Two wine shops are located on the road near this NTR stadium and they make it merry after the dharna.

KCR has taken a wise decision to shift the Dharna chowk . It is the right of the people who suffer to go on a dharna but not in the heart of the city. There is no second thought about it.





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