Dharani website to be launched soon

Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao wanted all the land related issues to be resolved at the earliest and uploaded in the Dharani website at the earliest. Regarding lands and land-related issues, for decades together, a number of disputes and disparities have been prevailing in villages. The earlier governments did not show any interest to find solutions to those problems.

There have been even disputes among various government departments on land-related issues. There are disputes between revenue and forest departments. In the absence of maintenance of proper land records the villages have fallen into the trap of personal clashes and disturbances.

To put an end to all this the government has initiated and completed the cleansing, rectification and updation of land records. No other state in India could dare to take up such a difficult task. The programme taken up by Telangana government is successfully accomplished. Land records have been cleansed, rectified and updated thanks to the hard work put up by officers.

In accordance with the cleansing of land records, farmers are provided with Rythu Bandhu cheques and Pattadar passbooks. Those farmers who are yet to receive the books and cheques are to be given at the earliest.

The programme that has taken off the need to be accomplished cent percent with success. Members of Rythu Samanvaya Samithis, Ministers, MLAs should take an active part in this programme. It is only after we are ready in all aspects we will launch Dharani website” said Chief Minister KCR.

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CM also said that “Farmers are living on farming and on the income on their lands. Most of them are small and marginal farmers. As many as 18 lakhs farmers hold just below one acre of land. When such a farmer dies his family will have to face a lot of hardship.

Hence the government has decided to insure the farmer’s life and pay Rs 5 lakhs to his family on his death. Life insurance will be provided through Life Insurance Corporation. The premium amount on behalf of farmer shall be paid by the government.

Every farmer will be given the insurance documents. The nominee shall be as proposed and decided by farmer on whose name insurance is done. We are discussing the modalities with LIC authorities. From application to claim of insurance, the whole process shall be very simplified one. Insurance money shall be transferred to the nominee automatically on the death of farmer”.



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