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Dessert in a shoe for the Prime Ministers !

In a shocking incident, it was reported that Japanese Prime Minister was served with a dessert in a shoe on the table. The shoe was made of metal. This is not creative but offensive. The Chef or the man who got or gave this idea to serve a Prime Minister in a shoe should be taken to task. As per Japanese culture people dont get the footwear into the house. People do not wear the shoe in the house at all. They prefer to remove the shoe and come inside.

This was done in the presence of Netanyahu the during Abe’s visit to Israel. A senior diplomat opined that this is like serving Chocolates in a pig-shaped dish. Many felt this was an insult to the Japanese Prime Minister and his wife. The dessert was prepared by Israeli celebrity chef Moshe.

 Dessert in a shoe for the Prime Ministers !

But both the families of the Prime Ministers posed with the shoe and the dessert on the table in front of them. They were seen smiling. No culture puts shoes on the table and especially on the dining table. If it happens also no one would serve the food in the shoe. And who would like to eat the food from a shoe is the big question.

Here both the Prime Ministers are sitting in front of each other with their wives and the food is served in a shoe. What a shame..



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