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Deepu and Ranveer wedding in December

They said yes and then they said no. But they are together and moving ahead together. As per unconfirmed reports, Deepika parents have said yes to the proposal. Ranveer is already a hundred percent yes and getting ready for the same.

It will be Hindu traditional wedding and if everything goes as per plan it will be by the end of this year. That is in December. The parents are doing the groundwork and are scouting for a location where only family members and close friends will attend the wedding it is learnt.
 Deepu and Ranveer wedding in December
There may not be any reception, photographs and other Hungama. That is the plan as of now. A big event manager is also trying to take over the wedding and make it a big bash. Some close friends of Ranveer have suggested him locations abroad to avoid the media glare and other fanfare.

But the parents insist that it should be traditional and in India. They want to give it a Hindu traditional mould which would symbolise our culture it is reported. So just keep the fingers crossed and wait for December for Deepveers wedding.



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