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Death for child rape-Ordinance

No criminal will be spared and daughters will get justice, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured the people when opened his mouth on the rape of minor girls. On the other hand, the PM Modi is all set to convene a high-level meeting to see that an ordinance will be passed to see that the rapists of minors get the death sentence.

IMF chief Lagarde also found fault with the government in India for unable to contain the rapes against the minors. The meeting will be convened after Modi arrives from Britain it is reported. If not an ordinance an emergency order would be released to see that the rapists who violate the girls under 12 will get the death sentence. A law ministry official said that an Ordinance can be done immediately and one has to wait for the legislation. The law of POSCO that is the protection of Children from sexual offences will be amended so that the rapists will not have any loopholes to escape from the law.

Death for child rape-Ordinance

It is reported that the people are unhappy with the attitude of the BJP government as it appeared to protect the lawmakers of the ruling who were supposed to be involved in the rapes.

There is nationwide resentment, uproar and outburst over the rapes and that action have been taken so far in this regard. The PM is abroad and a hard-hitting decision is needed to stop the rapes.



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