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Dangerous Irma surges expected

Powerful winds from Hurricane Irma whipped through southwest Florida, downing power lines and leaving a trail of debris behind.

The storm’s impact was widespread. Even areas that didn’t face a direct hit from Irma saw flooding and downed power lines. In Riviera Beach, on Florida’s east coast, winds partially ripped roofs off two apartment buildings, forcing rescuers to evacuate about 50 people from the complex, the city’s mayor said.


Expected to be even more dangerous than the powerful winds are the storm surges that threaten Florida’s coastal cities.

Forecasters warned people in the hurricane’s path to prepare for “dangerous storm surges” and flash flooding.

Now a Category 2 storm with maximum sustained winds of 105 mph, Hurricane Irma is about 50 miles east-northeast of Fort Myers, Florida, moving north at 14 mph.
Irma is already uprooting trees and turning streets into rivers.
And there’s plenty more to come as the storm climbs the coast toward Tampa.



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