From cycles to motorcycles: Dabbawalas Business Top Stories 

From cycles to motorcycles: Dabbawalas

The world famous dabbawalas are changing for the good. They want to enhance the capacity and also speed. From cycles, they are upgrading to motorbikes.

They were carrying 60 Tiffen boxes on cycles and now they can carry around 150 dabbas with bikes and travel with more speed and accuracy saving the time.

This would enable them to give hot food to the customers which are more welcome and acceptable.

From cycles to motorcycles: Dabbawalas

With Motorbikes, the dabbawalas can the save energy from peddling the cycles and can easily reach the destination on time with hot food.

But there are some routes where only cycles can reach. Cycles are handy while trying to avoid the traffic congestion and move to the destination in the stipulated time. They deliver over more than lakh tiffins on time with all accuracy.

The Mumbai’s Dabbawalas concept has been running since last 125 years and now the concept is changing. They have added courier like service of handing over small things along with the tiffin dabbas also.



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