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CWG goes against Saina and Sindhu

The CWG officials have cleared Sainas father and Sindhu the ace shuttlers parents for the CWG officially. But finally, when the list was out, the names of these shuttlers parents from Telugu states were missing.

Now they cannot be with their children for giving the required confidence and encouragement. Saina tweeted that she needed the moral support and encouragement from her father so that it helps her in winning the games. But now he will not be available for Saina. Saina is very much disappointed with the attitude of the CWG in this regard.

Now she is frustrated with the attitude of the CWG squad. Now Sainas father is now allowed to stay with her as he is not on the official list.

CWG goes against Saina and Sindhu

Sindhu’s mother Vijaya was also on the official list but later she was not confirmed. If it was official then the government would pay them for transport and also stay and would be allowed to stay with the players. Now it is not possible. One of the CWG members tweeted that all this due to protocol and accreditation rules. I am sure the players will understand this they said.

While Saina was furious, Sindhu did not react to this and her reaction is awaited. Gopichand the ace coach also did not react so far on the attitude of the CWG and the way the players are being treated by separating parents from them.

This is like straight from Dangal where the wrestling ladies father is locked up in a compartment so that she would not get any support or help from her father. Here the parents are separated and not allowed stay with the players.



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